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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions Regarding Our Phone Support

Is phone support free?

Our phone support is free if you need assistance installing a part you purchased from us.  

If you are looking for consulting on which machine is right for your needs or need troubleshooting or parts installation assistance for a part you did not purchase from us, learn more about our technical support.

Can you help us determine which piece of equipment is right for our needs?

Yes, we can.  

You can speak with our print equipment expert to quickly get all of your questions answered and make an informed purchasing decision to ensure your new equipment meets and exceeds your needs.

How does the phone support work?

We are available to talk you through problems you are having with your print equipment and walk you through performing the solution.

You can also use this service to consult with us on a cutter you may be interested in buying.

We can tell you if the cutter is supported by the manufacturer, if parts are available, and if there are any known service issues that you may encounter.

We can also advise you if you are getting a good deal on the machine. If you send us photos, we can evaluate them and tell you if anything is damaged or if you should get certain questions answered by the seller before purchasing.

*If you order parts from us, we offer free phone support to help you install them.

How do you charge for phone support?

Our phone support starts at $75 and includes up to 30 minutes of talk time with Greg Cozart answering your questions and walking you through identifying the issue with your machine or guiding you through installing parts.  *If you purchased the parts from us, installation help is free.

If the call goes longer than 30 minutes, we bill at a rate of $37.50 for each additional 15 minutes of talk time.


If you were to do a 57-minute support call, the first 30 minutes would be billed at $75.  The additional 27 minutes would require 2 additional 15-minute increments, $37.50 x 2 = $75.  

The grand total charge for a 57-minute call would be $150.

Why should I use your phone support?

Our phone support could very possibly be your fastest and most cost-effective way to get your equipment back up and running.

Compare the cost of our phone support to having a technician come to your physical location to attempt to fix the issue.  Our virtual support can be provided much quicker and usually at a drastically lower cost.

Or, compare the cost of our technical assistance to having a non-functioning machine for too much longer or purchasing a new $35,000.00 Challange paper cutter that doesn’t suit your needs.

Or, even worse, compare the cost of skipping the call and purchasing a new $35,000 machine when you could have gotten 5 more years of troublefree life out of it for a fraction of that using our phone support and part replacement service.

Questions Regarding Our Parts

Where do you get your parts?

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Which print machinery brands to you carry parts for?

We specialize in Challenge Machinery parts.  Specifically the obsolete, hard to find parts for Challenge’s paper cutters and print equipment.  We do have parts and supplies for other makes and models.  Contact us to see if we have what you need.

Can you help with the installation of parts?

Yes.  If you purchased the parts from us we offer free installation assistance by phone.

If you are having trouble installing parts you purchased elsewhere, learn more about our technical assistance provided over the phone by our founder and expert technician, Greg Cozart.

Do you sell print shop equipment?

Yes, we do.  Obsolete Cutter Parts is a division of Resource Graphics, LLC.  Resource Graphics sells new and used paper cutters, paper drills, paper folders, collators/booklet makers, creasers, large format printers, presses, and stitchers.

Visit Resource Graphics for new and used print equipment.

Do you sell print shop supplies?

Yes, we do.  Obsolete Cutter Parts is a division of Resource Graphics, LLC.  Resource Graphics sells replacement knives, knife changing tools, cutter bed rust removal kits, service manuals, hydraulic oil, way oils for leadscrews, premium red grease for critical points, silicone sprays, and more.

Visit Resource Graphics for print shop supplies.

Questions Regarding Orders

Can I view your company's policies?

Yes, you can.  Click the link below to view the policy of interest to you:

What is the average shipping time?

Shipping is provided by UPS and arrives in 1-3 business days for most locations in the United States.

Is overnight shipping available?

Yes.  Please call us for overnight shipping pricing.  We can send an invoice right over.

Do you ship outside the United States?

Yes.  Please contact us by phone or email so we can provide you with a custom invoice including international shipping.

Do you offer installation help?

Yes.  Please contact us to schedule a call with Greg so he can walk you through the installation process.  Installation assistance is free if you purchased your replacement part from us.

Store Hours

Mo-Fr: 8am – 6pm
(phone support available after hours)